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XpresServ TV Extended WarrantySafeware TV Extended Warranty (Service Plan) Terms and Conditions

The XpresServ™ TV extended warranty plan covers plasma TV extended warranties, LCD TV extended warranties, and rear projection and front projection DLP or LCD extended warranties. Coverage is effective immediately upon the expiration of the shortest portion of the manufacturer's original written parts and labor warranty. During the manufacturer's warranty period all repair or replacement costs are the sole responsibility of the manufacturer. After the manufacturer's warranty expires, the XpresServ™ warranty will furnish all labor and replacement parts necessary to maintain your covered product in good operating condition. If service is needed because of a product failure during normal usage, the Administrator has the option to repair or replace the defective product with a product of equal or similar features and functionality, though in some cases this may not be the same brand. Repair of resolution (pixels) failure must match the factory minimum standards before an authorized repair occurs. Products that do not carry an original manufacturer's parts and labor warranty for any reason are ineligible for our television extended warranty coverage.

Technological advances may result in a replacement product with a lower selling price than the original product. No refunds will be made based on the replacement product cost difference. The most we will pay on any single repair or replacement is the price paid for the original product, excluding taxes. If the product is replaced in its entirety, the maximum liability has been met under the extended warranty contract and there will no longer be coverage under the terms of the contract. Replacement products will in include a manufacturer's warranty and we the retailer have the option to offer an additional extended warranty contract on the replacement product. In the unlikely event that the covered television is not repairable and a replacement product is not available, you the extended warranty holder, will be refunded your original purchase, excluding taxes, and the extended warranty contract will be fully satisfied. In no event shall the obligation to administer claims extend beyond the terms of coverage of the extended warranty commencing upon the date of product purchase.

Lemon Guarantee: If your TV should fail three (3) times for the same cause during the XpresServ™ TV extended warranty period, on the fourth failure for the same cause your product will be replaced.

If you TV needs repair under the extended service plan:

The TV extended service plan administrator will be listed on your sales receipt along with a toll free contact phone number. DTV Express registers your television extended warranty when you purchase the warranty. There is no registration necessary on your part.

If your covered TV needs repair during the extended service plan period you are required to call the warranty administrator to obtain authorization prior to having repairs made. For faster service, please have your dated proof of purchase (sales receipt) available when you place the call. If the covered product is still covered by the manufacturer's warranty, you may be directed to call the manufacturer prior to being referred to a service center. All repairs must be approved before they are performed. The extended service plan administrator will not reimburse for repairs performed without prior approval or performed by unauthorized servicers.

Do not return the product to your retailer unless so instructed by the TV extended service plan administrator.

When you receive authorization for repairs, the warranty administrator will direct you to a designated service center. A copy of the proof of purchase (sales receipt), and a brief description of the problem must accompany the product. The extended warranty includes in home service from the repair center for TVs costing more than $500. For TVs costing $500 or less, in the event the TV must be shipped rather than taken in to the service center, the warranty administrator is not liable for freight charges or damages to product due to improper packaging or freight damages to product.

Important Consumer Information

This extended warranty is deemed a service contract under federal law. If the covered television (either plasma, LCD or DLP) is deemed non-repairable or repair parts become unavailable during the coverage period of this plan, the Administrator (backed by the Obligor; underwriter) will replace the television with a TV of equal or similar features and functionality, though no necessarily the same brand. In no event shall the Obligor, Administrator, of DTV Express be liable for any damages as a result of the unavailability of repair parts. The Administrator and/or insurance underwriter own all parts removed from the repaired TV and any complete TV replaced in its entirety.

Exclusions from Coverage under your TV extended service plan

The XpresServ™ extended warranty nor DTV Express nor the extended warranty Administrator cover the following under the TV extended warranty:

  • Any loss or damage resulting from: A pre-existing problem condition known to you (such as a mechanical fitness issue) prior to purchase and issuance of the extended warranty.
  • Improper installation of components by you or an unauthorized repair center resulting in mechanical failure to your television.
  • Physical damage to any part of the TV for any reason including but not limited to water or moisture damage, improper usage of the product, dropped product, collision with another object, transportation damage, damage to the outside casing, abuse, misuse, neglect, vandalism, accidents, collapse, spillage of any kind, fire, flood, corrosion, sand, dirt, lightning, freezes, storms, intentional or accidental damage by third parties.
  • Mechanical failure of any part of the TV resulting from physical damage to the TV.
  • Mechanical failure of any part of the TV resulting from abuse, neglect, spillage, intentional or accidental damage by you or third parties, interruption of gas or electrical service, environmental conditions.
  • Failure to reset the timer after a lamp replacement in a DLP or LCD rear projection TV; dimming; exploding lamps; installation of an incorrect lamp.
  • Televisions installed for outdoor use.
  • Repairs made by a manufacturer's warranty; recall or rework, regardless of manufacturer's ability to pay for such repairs; plasma television burn in phosphor; TVs with removed or altered serial numbers; plasma televisions in use at or above 6500 feet unless designed by the manufacturer for use above 6500 feet above sea level; pixel burnout not in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications; television screen imperfections , including burn-in caused by video games, prolonged display of one or more signals, or other abuse. All display products that are used in an application that requires continuous business and/or commercial operation; components and products used for commercial purposes; products provided for public use or rental. The extended warranty does not cover "no problem found" diagnosis from the manufacturer or an authorized service center.

This XpresServ™ extended warranty is a Service Contract and is not intended to create or limit any implied warranties concerning your product, which may or may not exist under applicable law.

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